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Four-Story Country Music Restaurant Opry City Stage Opens Tonight in Times Square

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It’s a spinoff of Nashville icon Grand Ole Opry

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Opry City Stage
The dining room Opry City Stage
Photo via Opry City Stage

The NYC spinoff of Nashville country music icon Grand Ole Opry opens tonight with a whopping four levels for a restaurant and live music venue — an effort to be a country music hub in the city.

Opry City Stage, located near Times Square at 1604 Broadway, is a collaboration between SPK Hospitality and Ryman Hospitality Properties, the company that owns the historic Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee. Gadi Peleg, a co-owner of Breads Bakery, is also a partner here. It’s kind of like a Hard Rock Cafe, except it’s only for country music, it’s not a chain (yet), and it will host live music non-stop during meals.

The first floor will be a retail space, and the next two floors will house a 260-seat restaurant, a bar, and stages. The fourth floor will be a dedicated music venue, called the Studio at Opry City Stage, with a 250-seat dining room available only during private ticketed performances. Each level will be sprinkled with photographs, art, costumes, and other artifacts from the original Grand Ole Opry for any country superfans.

Opry City Stage
The restaurant has memorabilia everywhere
Photo Via Opry City Stage

Food, of course, is Southern. A dose of New York City comes in the former of the Bromberg brothers, who consulted on the menu. Eric and Bruce, owners of prolific restaurant group Blue Ribbon, helped create the menu.

It’s got a classic appetizer-soup-salad-entree format — par for the course for a restaurant that will likely attract a population primarily composed of tourists and families. Expect dishes like hot chicken with waffles and steak, as well as lots of burgers and sandwiches. Opry City Stage is also selling barbecue and prime rib, which is oh so helpfully offered in “cowgirl” (9 ounces) or “cowboy” (14 ounces) portions.

And instead of just playing recordings in the restuarant, Opry City Stage is going hard on live music. The stages in the restaurant will host live bands any time the restaurant is open — all day, everyday. Opry City Stages opens tonight for dinner at 5 p.m. Eventually, it will be open for breakfast and lunch. See the full menu below.

Opry City Stage

1604 Broadway, New York, NY 10019