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Media Only Cares About Female Chefs When They’re Victims, Dirt Candy Owner Says

Plus, a profile on chef JJ Johnson

Amanda Cohen
Amanda Cohen
Daniel Krieger

Dirt Candy owner takes on female chefs and the media

In a blistering essay in Esquire, Dirt Candy chef-owner Amanda Cohen takes on the thorny topic of female chefs, sexual harassment, and the media, alleging that food media only cares about female chefs when when they’re victims or when they’re underrepresented in award lists. “For the past two weeks, my Twitter feed and email inbox have been filled to overflowing with food journalists begging me to Come Forward With My Story, demanding that I Make a Statement, encouraging me to Speak Out. Apparently, the rules have changed. Women may not have value as chefs, but as victims we’re finally interesting!” she wrote. It’s full of interesting stats, compelling arguments, and scathing sarcasm — and it’s worth a full read, here.

JJ Johnson gets the profile treatment

JJ Johnson’s profile is on the rise. The chef, who became known in NYC as the Cecil’s award-winning chef and subsequently scored an Eater Young Gun win, got the Times profile treatment yesterday, detailing how he became the first longterm chef-in-residence at Chefs Club. Push past the bravado up front and continue reading to the story of a black man doing his best to champion food and culture of the African diaspora.

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Williamsburg pizza gets some serious fashion cred

None other than Williamsburg Pizza is featured on the cover of Vogue Italia. The Brooklyn pizzeria was part of the cover shoot and video, with an actual delivery guy — not a model — making the cut. Watch above.

Discounted Kati rolls and Junior’s cheesecake

It’s discount Tuesday apparently, with two New York restaurants offering up their wares at low, low prices. Fast-casual Indian purveyor The Kati Roll Company opens a fifth location today at 685 Third Avenue and will sell kati rolls at whatever price customers want to celebrate. Plus, Junior’s (386 Flatbush Avenue Extension) turns 67 today and thus will offer slices of its plain cheesecake for just 67 cents each. Plus, small whole cheesecakes are $9.50 and large are $19.50 in honor of opening in 1950.

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