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Casual Masa Spinoff Tetsu Finally Opens This Month

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Plus, two East Village closures

Masa Takayama
Sushi legend Masa Takayama has had a project in the works in Tribeca for years.
Hillary Dixler Canavan

Tetsu actually, finally, really sets an opening date

Tetsu, the upcoming restaurant from sushi chef Masa Takayama, has been in the works since 2012, facing delay after delay. Takayama has been promoting it since April, and it now finally has an opening date: November 14. Takayama’s best known for his luxe, eponymous sushi counter in the Time Warner Center, but Tetsu is a more casual operation. The new Japanese restaurant in Tribeca will serve two kinds of burgers (lamb and beef), a pork rice bowl, and more.

Two East Village closures

Two restaurants are no more in the East Village: hot dog purveyor and NYC original Papaya King has closed its location at 3 Saint Mark’s Place to make way for an office building and cocktail bar Wise Men (355 Bowery) has shuttered after five years, with no explanation.

Celebrity nights out in NYC

When actress and restaurateur Jessica Biel wants a girls’ night out in NYC, Little Frog on the Upper East Side is apparently her choice. Page Six reports she and two girlfriends shared the $79 whole duck flambé. Meanwhile, Superior Donuts star and comedian Jermaine Fowler took the Times out for an evening of fun, stopping by Fat Black Pussycat and Vanessa’s Dumpling House after a set at the Comedy Cellar.

Steve Cuozzo’s take on sexual harassment in the restaurant industry

Post critic Steve Cuozzo throws his opinion into the restaurant sexual harassment ring, sharing a tale of when he worked at a restaurant in the ’70s and watched as management fired every woman to avoid workplace drama. He doesn’t say much beyond agreeing that it exists.

The Pool garners another two stars

The shade keeps rolling in for The Pool, the seafood restaurant from Major Food Group in the old Four Seasons space. Compared to its varsity sister restaurant The Grill, the Pool isn’t faring as well with the critics. New York mag’s Adam Platt weighs in this week — in addition to Eater’s two stars and the Times’ two stars — with two (out of five) stars of his own. One dish he does love is the foie gras flower; watch to see how it’s made below:


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