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Korean Gastropub With Bulgogi Pizza Roll Opens in East Village

Plus, another London hotspot comes to NYC — and more intel

Space Mabi
The dining room at Space Mabi
Photo via Yelp

A new East Village Korean gastropub with soju and bulgogi

A Korean cafe and gastropub called Space Mabi has opened in the East Village at 67 First Avenue at Fourth Street with a menu of coffees and pastries during the day and Korean food and drink at night. It serves dishes like a spicy beef rice cake dish, a Korean seafood pancake with shrimp, and something called a bulgogi pizza roll, which contains bulgogi, cheese, and vegetables. Drinks include soju cocktails and Korean liquor bottles.

Other openings, closings, and coming attractions

After 15 years, Bowery Cuban bistro Agozar! is closing its doors this week. Up on the Upper West Side, a location of The Meatball Shop suddenly closed last week. Meanwhile in openings, coffee shop called Kona has opened in the East Village at 57 Second Avenue, between Third and Fourth streets. It serves a Hawaiian latte. And both Burke & Wills and The Manhattan Cricket Club reopened on the Upper West Side after being closed last week due to tax issues.

Ligaya Mishan revisits 10-year-old Queens Filipino spot

Times critic Ligaya Mishan has taken her Hungry City column this week to Tito Rad’s Grill in Woodside, Queens. The name belies what’s inside, which is a Filipino restaurant that has been serving the neighborhood for 10 years. Mishan particularly enjoyed the laing, “a tangle of taro leaves, flown in from Hawaii and carefully pruned of their stems, saturated with coconut milk and braised into a soupy, sublime mess.”

Another London hot spot to heat up NY

Just as exclusive London private club 5 Hertford Street eyes Union Square for a NYC location, the Post reports that Groucho Club is coming, too. 363 Lafayette Street is the potential new location for the rambunctious private club that in London boasts a restaurant, bar, screening rooms, private party rooms, and hotel rooms. Celebs like Anthony Bourdain, Kate Moss, and Harry Styles frequent the London location. If all goes according to plan, it will arrive by spring 2019.

Celebs really love Lucali

Just days after soccer star David Beckham and his son visited Brooklyn pizzeria Lucali, music legend Paul McCartney hosted a pizza party there. In attendance were other celebs like actor Steve Buscemi, drinking lots of wine and downing pies.

NYPD detective arrested after flashing gun at Outback Steakhouse

An NYPD detective has been arrested and charged with menacing and disorderly conduct following a fight at Outback Steakhouse. Joel Crooms, 31, allegedly flashed his gun during a fight at the chain restaurant in Brooklyn around 10 p.m. on Sunday.

The New Yorker’s takes on Dromedary and Ferris

This week The New Yorker spotlights two new NYC establishments, Japanese-influenced Nomad restaurant Ferris and Bushwick tiki bar Dromedary. At Ferris, chef Greg Proechel serves up “whose insistently innovative dishes have a distinct air of rebellion.” The magazine recommends that “the best way to order is to home in on a familiar ingredient, let all the information coming from the highly verbal, enthusiastic waitstaff flow over you, and trust the chef.” Meanwhile over in Brooklyn, Dromedary — AKA a one-humped camel — eschews the seasons and serves frozen drinks year-round to those willing to brave the chill.

Trump peaces out of Trump Soho Hotel

Chef John Creger is a lucky man: Less than one month after opening his new restaurant Spring & Varick in the troubled Trump Soho Hotel, the Trump brand has announced it is ditching the hotel. The decision comes after declining business at the Soho hotel, including former restaurant Koi, which closed after business slowed following the election. The Trump Organization does not own the hotel, but did manage it.

Tribeca Citizen checks out Tetsu

During a first impression visit to Masa chef Masa Takayama’s more casual spinoff Tetsu in Tribeca, Tribeca Citizen finds a restaurant in the throes of an “identity crisis.” Despite enjoying the food, the writer notes “a tension between casual and serious.” Takayama positioned the restaurant as a relaxing place for Japanese comfort food and a martini, but Tribeca Citizen didn’t find the execution to match that vision.

How Wylie Dufresne spends his weekends

Du’s Donuts purveyor Wylie Dufresne is a total family man on the weekend, cooking dinner, playing with his kids, and visiting Ikea — where he doesn’t mind the meatballs. For some other, albeit less famous meatballs, watch below: