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FYI: Here’s What The Lobster Club Is Charging For Its Food

A more thorough look at the menu from Major Food Group’s newest restaurant

The Lobster Club

The notoriously over-the-top and expensive restaurateurs behind Major Food Group don’t usually list prices for its food online — so here’s what the crew is charging at its Midtown Japanese-inspired brasserie The Lobster Club.

Appetizers range from $12 for an order of pork gyoza or a spicy cucumber salad to $36 for a chilled crab dish. A wagyu and uni app is listed as market price. In the teppenyaki section, each diver scallop costs $11, and an order of New York strip costs $65. Four options, including a porterhouse and a whole lobster, are listed at market price. This part of the menu arrives with king mushrooms and sauces, and everything is meant to be shared.

For sushi, house rolls come in at $14 for a triple salmon and $27 for a spicy toro, while a toro-uni hand roll costs $28. See pictures of the full food menu below. Cocktails, meanwhile, all clock in at $18, and beers range from $10 to $12. The bar also offers three kinds of sake bombs. See those menus below as well.

The Lobster Club in the former Brasserie space at 98 East 53rd Street made its public debut on Tuesday night and had a full house. It’s the third restaurant in the Seagram building from Major Food Group, following the flashy debuts of The Grill and The Pool in the former Four Seasons space, and from the looks of the first night, The Lobster Club is built very much to be a scene.

The restaurant’s food will be served at the bar after Thanksgiving, but as of now, leather vest-clad bartenders are only serving those sake bombs and cocktails there.