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Neapolitan Pizza Star Anthony Mangieri Confirms His 2018 Return to New York

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After nearly eight years, Una Pizza Napoletana comes back to the East Coast

Una Pizza Napoletana
A marinara from Una Pizza Napoletana
Photo via Una Pizza Napoletana

A lot of chefs leave New York in pursuit of a different kind of life or more reasonable business prospects; few return. But Anthony Mangieri — and his crowd-drawing Una Pizza Napoletana — is coming back to New York City next year thanks to a new partnership with the chefs behind the Lower East Side’s Contra and Wildair, Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske Valtierra. The news, which Eater NY first reported based on city filings, was confirmed by Mangieri, Stone, and Von Hauske Valtierra.

“It’s going to be the same kind of stuff I’ve been working on my whole career combined with the stuff these guys do,” Mangieri says of his plans for the new place, and the partnership. “I’ve been following [them] for years. I wouldn’t be doing this with anyone else.”

The pizzaiolo New York magazine called “the unofficial front man for the Naples-style pizza revolution” opened Una Pizza Napoletana in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, in 1996. He moved the operation to the East Village in 2004. Seeking a more laid-back life, Mangieri relocated to San Francisco in 2009 — maintaining a cult following for his Neopolitan-style pies which he obsessively makes himself.

After nearly eight years in SF, Una Pizza’s Bay Area location will close on a to-be-determined date at the end of November or early December. The Lower East Side restaurant will be the fourth iteration of Mangieri’s pizzeria.

It will be located at 175 Orchard Street, between Stanton and Houston, and will have about 70 seats including a bar, with the same Una Pizza Napoletana name. The trio is in the process of picking out an oven — whether it will be built on site or imported from Italy is up for debate — but the recipes and methods Mangieri has perfected over the years aren’t. “He’ll be there every day making the pizzas using Italian flour, Italian tomatoes,” Stone says. “It’s his name, we’re just adding another dimension to it.”

Mangieri had a reputation for being no-nonsense, closing up shop after he ran out of dough at the East Village location. But he hasn't run out of dough much in San Francisco, and Stone says they plan to mix more dough in the bigger space to avoid running low. The new version of the restaurant will also be open five or six days a week, up from the four days a week that the SF location is open.

Stone and Von Hauske Valtierra will complement the pizzas with small dishes, using their playful but flavorful approach to modern dining on the Italian culinary canon. Von Hauske Valtierra will be making Italian desserts, including gelati, and the wine list will feature natural wines from Italy. The restaurant will only be open for dinner to start; lunch or brunch are “TBD,” according to Stone.

“We’re continuing the Una Pizza Napoletana legacy,” Stone says, “Our contribution will be in bar snacks, cured meats, cheeses — basically we’re going to play around with cold dishes using ingredients imported from Italy.”

Stone says that though he was a fan of Mangieri’s work for years, the chefs didn’t formally meet until this time last year; Mission Chinese’s Danny Bowien introduced them. Around the same time, Mangieri was thinking of moving back to New York to be closer to his family in New Jersey. Stone and Von Hauske Valtierra proposed a partnership and found a space.

Von Hauske Valtierra, who has worked with Stone for five years, joked a few weeks ago that he couldn’t believe they were getting into the pizza business. “But we are so excited about this thing,” he says. Una Pizza Napoletana is expected to open as early as spring 2018. Stay tuned for more.

Una Pizza Napoletana

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