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Eleven Madison Park Unveils Its Rebooted Space Sunday

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After closing for a summer redesign, EMP’s rebirth has arrived

A stone sign announcing the entrance of Eleven Madison Park, a three-Michelin-starred vegan restaurant in Manhattan. Photo by Daniel Krieger

One luxe Hamptons summer pop-up and super-exclusive cookbook later, three-Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant Eleven Madison Park reopens to the public this Sunday, October 6 following a total redesign.

Co-owners chef Daniel Humm and Will Guidara have been endlessly teasing the space overhaul on Instagram, showing off new dishware, artwork, logos, and more. It’s been in process since mid-June, shortly after the restaurant took home the top spot on the contentious World’s 50 Best list.

Here’s what to expect come Sunday at 5 p.m., when EMP throws open its re-gilded doors.

Diners can still just walk on in to the bar

Though reservations for the ticketed, $295-per-person full tasting menu in the dining room are completely sold out through October, people can check out the changes by heading to the bar. It’s first-come, first-serve, so arrive early to snag a seat, a drink, and some a la carte snacks. There’s also a condensed bar tasting menu — that’s still $155 per person for five to six courses in about two hours — available at bar tables, too.

The menu is fresh for fall

Working on Milk&Honey 4.0

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Humm has been busy working on a new fall menu, but don’t expect any revolutionary changes. It’s a typical update for the season and following the same format as before the restaurant closed. New dishes include a smoked sturgeon dish, chocolate pretzels, and a revamped milk and honey dessert, a signature of EMP’s, this time worked into ice cream sandwich form.

There are some snazzy new plates, chairs, and floors

New blue banquettes, terrazo tiling, and stark white Mudshark porcelain dinnerware are just some of the design details to expect.

Big-name artists got in on the process

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The focal point of the new dining room is a large blue painting from artist Rita Ackermannwho is apparently a close personal friend of Humm’s. Others include Daniel Turner, who made a metal sculpture out of melted kitchen equipment, Sol Lewitt, who drew a wall design, and Olympia Scarry, who made art out of the windows.

The entryway has a new sign, logo, and windows

After selling its old sign for a whopping $10,000, EMP needed new entryway swag. To match an updated, streamlined leaf logo, there’s a custom lightbox now hanging in the doorway. Stained glass windows from artist Olympia Scarry hang above, which are meant to signify “changing direction,” according to Humm’s Instagram.

There’s a beefed-up staff and kitchen

Step by step.. can't wait to cook in this new kitchen #makeitnice #elevenmadisonpark

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Not only is there a refreshed dining room, Humm got to design his dream kitchen, with top-notch goodies like a coveted Molteni stove.

To play around in that fancy new kitchen, some new hires include Marea chef Sakari Smithwick and sommelier Watson Brown, formerly at Cafe d’Alsace.

Eleven Madison Park is just days away from the big reveal. Stay tuned for more.

Eleven Madison Park

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