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West Village Is Getting a French-Japanese Bakery From a Fancy Pastry Chef

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Philippe Conticini is opening La Maison De Makoto

Le Maison De Makoto
Pastry from Le Maison De Makoto
Photo via LMDM Group

Acclaimed French pastry chef Philippe Conticini is planting his first New York City bakery in the West Village.

The chef, who’s known in France for colorful and artsy pastry, will be opening a cafe and bakery called La Maison De Makoto at 37 Barrow Street, at Seventh Avenue South. Conticini’s taking over 3,000-square-feet in the space, including a second floor that will be used for events. La Maison De Makoto will serve French and Japanese pastry, such as mochi with gelato, according to a statement.

Conticini has been active in the restaurant industry for decades. In the early ‘aughts, he worked at French fine dining restaurant Petrossian in New York and Paris.

His other bakery La Pâtisserie des Rêve — translation: “pastry shop of dreams,” intended to reflect childhood dreams — has locations in France, Tokyo, and Abu Dhabi. The pastry chef also used to have two outposts in London, but they didn’t survive for long. Within three years of opening, the locations closed after they struggled to gain an audience.

Stay tuned for more.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts - in this case, vanilla & cookie dough ice cream.

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We’re busy setting up shop! We can’t wait to invite you inside..

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La Maison De Makoto

37 Barrow Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 776-9965