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Mission Chinese Goes Fast-Casual With New Sweetgreen Bowl

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Plus, has Graffiti in the East Village closed?

The Mission Chinese bowl at Sweetgreen
The Mission Chinese bowl at Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen adds limited-time Mission Chinese Food bowl

Sweetgreen salads are getting the Danny Bowien flavor-bomb touch: The Mission Chinese Food owner has added a bowl to Sweetgreen’s menu for a limited time. The $12.15 “Tiger Bowl” has organic spinach, organic wild rice, shiso, shredded carrots, cucumbers, spicy sunflower seeds, pears, kimchi, sesame roasted tofu, nori furikake, and an unspecified “savory tiger dressing.” It’ll be at all NYC Sweetgreens from November 2 through January 3, to promote Bowien’s upcoming season of Mind of a Chef.

Hillary Clinton visits Estela

Politicians sure do love to eat at Estela. The special small plates restaurant became famous for a visit from President Barack Obama a few years back, and it looks like word spread to Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State ate there this weekend for her birthday — a fact that chef-owner Ignacio Mattos just couldn’t help sharing on social media.

Has Graffiti in the East Village closed?

All signs point to yes, Graffiti in the East Village is no more. The Indian-inflected small plates restaurant is no longer listed on its website alongside the Tribeca location, and EV Grieve reports that a Greek restaurant looks set to take the space. Eater has reached out to chef-owner Jehangir Mehta for more information.

Former brothel converts to prim cocktail bar

A Brooklyn massage parlor that was likely a brothel will soon become Barely Disfigured, a cocktail bar with an early 1900s French boudoir theme. The upscale Boerum Hill drink parlor at 257 Smith Street will open in mid-November, and in a nod to the space’s history, it will donate a portion of proceeds to the nonprofit Sex Workers Project.

Sunset Park Chinatown to get a friendship arch

Sunset Park’s Chinatown is getting some major bling with the installation of a massive “Friendship Archway.” The The 40-foot-tall, 12-foot-wide archway is headed for Eighth Avenue between 60th and 61st Streets, and if its rendering is to be believed, it will be a definite attraction.

An ice cream caper continues

A man is so in need of ice cream that he is going to various stores on the Lower East Side and stealing it. On October 13, the suspected thief, a 25-year-old male, went to Rite Aid on Grand Street and the Big Apple Grocery at 219 East Broadway and stole some flavors. Then, he allegedly struck again last week at Happiness Deli, where he took a “large amount of ice cream” and ran, Bowery Boogie reports. Hold on to your pints.

In unsanitary restaurant news

Downtown Bakery may have been trying to conceal its recent downgrade from an “A” rating to a “B” from the Department of Health. The East Village bakery had a neon “A” shining in front of its newly delivered “B” rating — given for evidence of mice and roaches, and more — but an employee tells the Post that it simply forgot to change the sign when the grade changed.

Meanwhile, over on the Upper West Side, the Department of Health shuttered beloved bagel shop Absolute Bagels last week, also for evidence of rodents, among other violations. The bagelry tells West Side Rag that it will reopen Tuesday following an extermination. To just make bagels at home, watch below: