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Il Laboratorio del Gelato Is Bringing Its Inventive Treats to Greenwich Village

Plus, cheese tea is coming

Il Laboratorio del Gelato
Il Laboratorio del Gelato
Photo via Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Il Laboratorio del Gelato heads to Greenwich Village

Il Laboratorio del Gelato, that lab-like gelato shop on the Lower East Side, will add a second NYC location this winter. 56 University Place is the future home for Jon Snyder’s brand, which has over 300 rotating flavors. The new location will have 48 flavors, plus sundaes, cakes, milkshakes, and ice cream sandwiches. When it opens — potentially before December 25 — it will be directly across the street from Amorino, the Italian mini-chain of gelato shops.

Chinese tea chain brings famous cheese tea to Greenwich Village

Cheese tea is a drink not often seen in the U.S. It’s a beverage consisting of iced tea topped with sweet and salty whipped cheese cream. The drink is big in China though, where Debutea has more than 100 locations. Now, the chain will add one in Greenwich Village. The space at 217 Thompson Street was specifically picked to appeal to “millennials and the NYU student population,” AMNY reports. There are at least two other places in NYC to get a taste of this drink, at Happy Lemon in Flushing and Sunset Park.

Singer Paul Shaffer fails at Katz’s

It’s never easy to procure a pastrami sandwich from Katz’s, but it was especially hard Tuesday night. New York magazine rented out the hallowed Jewish deli for its 50th anniversary celebration, which meant the public couldn’t get in — even celebrity Paul Shaffer. The singer reportedly wanted a sandwich and wasn’t in the mood to party, despite being invited to do so once he arrived. Some celebrities were down though, including Zachary Quinto, Jim Gaffigan, Marcus Samuelsson, Pat Kiernan, and more. As for Shaffer — he and his pal went to Remedy Diner nearby for some dinner instead.

Midtown Kosher restaurant sues landlord

Following lots of noise, water leaks, power outages, and a rat infestation cause by building construction, Abigael’s on Broadway is suing its landlord. The restaurant reportedly claims it lost $2 million in profits from work being done on 1407 Broadway that resulted in customers leaving due to noise and heat, as well as the kitchen ceiling caving in at one point.

Retail restaurants are on the rise

As department stores and retail shops look for ways to stay alive, restaurants are frequently becoming an answer. Here in NYC, the Times spotlights Todd Snyder’s flagship store on East 26th Street that has an El Rey inside, as well as ways Barney’s and Saks are updating their formulas.

NYC now has to endure the “baogel”

A post shared by Nom Wah Kuai (@nomwahkuai) on

Black Seed Bagels and Nom Wah Kuai have combined cultures and words to create the baogel, a bagel bao combo that consists of sweet pork belly inside sesame bagel dough. The $8.50 Frankenfood is served with a side of chili cream cheese and available at all Black Seeds and Nom Wah Kaui starting November 1. For more cute baoness, watch below: