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Noma Co-Founder Backs New Restaurant in Williamsburg From Nordic Chef

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Mads Refslund’s restaurant has a little help from Claus Meyer

Mads Refslund
Chef Mads Refslund is opening a new restaurant in Williamsburg
Photo by Daniel Krieger

The new Williamsburg restaurant from Nordic food craze pioneer Mads Refslund now has an address: 93-99 North 10th Street, between Wythe Avenue and Berry Street.

The Post reports that the to-be-named project from the former Acme chef will likely open by spring, taking over 4,000-square-feet of space for a restaurant that seats 40 people in a dining room and 40 people at a bar.

Beyond that, Nordic fairy godfather Claus Meyer has thrown his support behind the Refslund project. The Noma co-founder, who runs Agern in Grand Central, is an investor in the new Refslund restaurant — making it at least the second Scandinavian restaurant in New York where he’s an investor. He’s also the primary investor behind chef Fredrik Berselius’ experimental tasting menu restaurant Aska, though he is not a majority investor in the Refslund place.

Details are still slim about Refslund’s project, but last year, Refslund talked about opening a wacky and experimental restaurant in Williamsburg, though he didn’t reveal an address at the time. The chef has said that “the concept is fire and ice, so it's taking it back to nature.” Here’s what to expect:

There's a bonfire in my restaurant — the way the caveman was cooking. And the other one is ice. One part of the kitchen is a big huge iceberg, where we have tons of raw things. Everything is clean with natural flavors. This is the future of dining — be more simple, and don't pollute the food. It's not really a restaurant. It's more like a kitchen. A kitchen with a restaurant inside of it.

Eater has reached out to the team. Stay tuned for more.