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Pedigreed Fried Chicken Takes Over Nom Wah Tu Tonight

Plus, another new Chinese restaurant is headed to the East Village

Sunday Bird
Sunday Bird

Eater Young Gun Deuki Hong returns to NYC

For one night only, former Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong chef Deuki Hong will showcase his San Francisco fried chicken restaurant in NYC. Sunday Bird will pop up at Nom Wah Tu (22 Orchard Street) tonight, with chicken sandwiches, whole fried chickens, kimchi fried rice, and more sold a la carte. Reservations here.

Another Chinese restaurant headed to the East Village

Looks like Le Sia is getting closer to open: The Chinese barbecue restaurant revealed its signage at 11 East Seventh Street, near Cooper Square. Per EV Grieve, the space was a book and music store for 98 years, but it has now been transformed into a restaurant space.

How Hurricane Sandy spawned a restaurant

AMNY has a sweet story on Williamsburg’s BeeHive Oven Biscuit Cafe, which got its start by helping feed people in Rockaway post-Hurricane Sandy. The meals led to community interest, which led to a Smorgasburg stand, and eventually the current brick-and-mortar at 182 South 2nd Street.

Alta Calidad goes Indian

Akhtar Nawabthe NYC restaurateur who should be on everyone’s radar — is turning his Prospect Heights Mexican restaurant Indian for an evening. On Wednesday, October 25, Alta Calidad (552 Vanderbilt Avenue) will have a $65 prix fixe menu of dishes like stewed Nihari-style bone marrow with Sun Gold tomatoes and roti or saag paneer with ricotta malfatti and fennel pollen. Reserve here.

Cote gets critic approval

New York magazine critic Adam Platt weighs in this week on Cote, the newish Korean steakhouse in Flatiron. His verdict? Three stars, for “the ingenious concept” and “more or less impeccable execution.” Below, watch as Eater show K-town takes a trip to the dry-aging room at Cote: