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Fast-Casual Pizza Grilled in Avocado Oil Will Join Packed NYC Market Next Year

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Oath Craft Pizza is a Boston-based chain that will open on the UES

Oath Pizza
Oath Pizza
Photo via Oath Pizza

The latest entrant in NYC’s competitive pizza scene is a Boston-based fast-casual chain that hopes to disrupt the market with pizza grilled in avocado oil, of all things. Oath Craft Pizza will open on the Upper East Side early next year at 1140 Third Avenue, between 66th and 67th streets.

Oath’s dough is made from pure grain North Dakota Mill flour, and as the brand enthusiastically states, it’s grilled in avocado oil and “a hint of OMG” to make it extra-crispy. They’re cooked in convection ovens and supposedly finish within 90 seconds.

The pizzas here can come loaded with toppings: The showcased pie at the moment is Mr. Crunch, made with creme fraiche ricotta sauce, smoked ham, Gruyere cheese, crushed Cape Cod potato chips, and chives.

Introducing an out-of-town pizza brand is a tall order in a town already inundated not only with quality pizza, but also with many new entrants. In the last six months, &pizza, Martina, Blaze, Emily, and more have all opened — not to mention the hundreds of legacy slice shops that have existed for many years.

And although pizza has always been considered a very fast food, fast-casual pizza restaurants like Oath have been particularly popping off as of late. It’s currently the largest portion of the fast-casual market, with 37 percent of fast-casual restaurants marketing customizable and fast personal pies.

Oath first opened in 2015 in Nantucket and has six locations, all in the Boston area. It’s targeting an ambitious expansion plan; the company wants to open at least eight more outposts within the next year.

Oath Pizza

1140 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10065 Visit Website