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Serena Dai IN as Editor of Eater NY

Attention Eater readers of all ages: Serena Dai is the new editor in charge at Eater NY, effective immediately. Dai has risen through the ranks as a boundary-pushing news reporter around here. It’s time for her to take the main stage.

Current reporter Stefanie Tuder is also getting a promotion. In her new position as senior editor, she’ll oversee maps, guides, and more.

Dai and Tuder will continue to work with Robert Sietsema and Ryan Sutton to bring you all the NYC restaurant news, dining guides, reviews, and hot social media activity that you crave. As always, feel free to send all burning tips or revealing restaurant photos their way at

With this, former Eater NY editor Melissa McCart heads to her old stomping grounds in Pittsburgh where she is sure to continue to be one to watch. Please wish Melissa well and send a warm welcome to these two.