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Quinoa Automat Eatsa Plans Second Spot in Midtown

It’s the tech-heavy, people-light salad restaurant

[Eatsa’s automat]
Serena Dai

San Francisco-based quinoa automat Eatsa — where diners can order, pick up, and eat lunch without talking to a single human — has plans in the works to launch a second outpost of its tech-centric restaurant. A new location will open later this winter at 666 Third Ave. at the corner of 43rd Street, making good on co-owner Scott Drummond’s promise that New York would see more locations of the popular West Coast fast-casual restaurant.

The first outpost debuted at Madison and 41st in December, serving $6.95 vegetarian bowls of quinoa. Customers order through an app or on an iPad, then pick it up from a digital automat that displays a name when the food is ready. Employees make the food behind the scenes, but it’s possible for diners to enter and leave the restaurant without talking to anybody.

While the chain saw long lines during its debut in San Francisco, the New York outpost did not seem to have quite the same amount of fandom. Steve Cuozzo of the Post didn’t sing its praises, but found it better than similar customizable salad bowl spots and “a bargain.” Still, the attraction is enough for the restaurant to keep growing here.


285 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017 (415) 930-4006