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Blue Bottle Coffee’s Palatial Bushwick Cafe Opens Friday

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Bushwick just got a big caffeine upgrade

Blue Bottle Bushwick
Blue Bottle Coffee

Coffee nerd favorite Blue Bottle Coffee is officially opening its sprawling Bushwick cafe tomorrow, Jan. 27th. The 15,800 square-foot warehouse space can be found at 279 McKibbin St., near the Morgan Avenue subway stop, a couple blocks from Roberta’s.

Blue Bottle signed the lease on the Bushwick space back in June 2015, originally planned as the first joint operation with fellow Californian, San Francisco's acclaimed Tartine Bakery. But the two Bay Area companies split later that year, saying that it made more sense to remain separate.

The opening unveils the Oakland, Calif.-based company’s New York roastery and cupping room, where visitors can watch through a window as Blue Bottlers ever-so-slowly roast beans. Like many other Blue Bottle shops, expect an open-counter setting, lots of tall, white walls, and touches of wood throughout — with this location offering seating under a wall of (living) orchids.

The drinks menu features the brand’s lineup of espresso and pour-over drinks, in addition to a selection of food like olive oil shortbread, molasses ginger cookies, and Belgian waffles from an on-premise bakery. A full savory menu is in the works, with dishes like radicchio and cauliflower salad and pumpkin soup.

As of tomorrow, Blue Bottle’s Bushwick cafe will be open daily from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.