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Celebratory Trump Doughnuts Actually Sold Out at a Brooklyn Bakery

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Gombo’s Bakery made Trump doughnuts in honor of Inauguration Day

Trump doughnuts Facebook/Gombo’s Bakery

Brooklyn may have a reputation for being a giant liberal bubble, but one bakery managed to capitalize on a local Republican stronghold on Inauguration Day instead. DNAinfo reports that Gombo’s Bakery at 328 Kingston Ave. in Crown Heights sold out of its special Trump doughnuts on Friday. The doughnuts featured red frosting, sprinkles, and the word “Trump” written across the top in white icing. They cost $1 each and were sold on Thursday and Friday in honor of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

An employee told DNAinfo that they made the doughnuts “just for the fun of it,” and many of the customers were young boys, who presumably couldn’t vote anyway. Still, the bakery sold both Trump doughnuts and Hillary Clinton doughnuts in November, and visitors ultimately bought more of the Trump ones.

In fact, the several blocks surrounding Gombo’s voted Republican, according to this neighborhood voting map also from DNAinfo:

Crown Heights block-by-block voting map
Red in a sea of blue
Screenshot via DNAinfo

Gombo’s, which is a kosher bakery, is very close to the Lubavitch Hasidic community in the neighborhood, which leaned Republican. The enthusiasm for Trump doughnuts in November apparently also came from neighborhoods like Borough Park and Williamsburg, where a lot of people supported Trump as well.

An employee at Gombo’s told Eater that by the end of the day, zero Trump doughnuts remained, and they’re not sure if they’ll keep selling them. But as with any restaurant or bakery serving political food (Trump supporter or not), bakery employee Avi Klein admitted to DNAinfo that the ultimate winner in the situation was the bakery itself.

Gombo's Bakery

328 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213 (718) 771-7701

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