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Carts, Stands, and Stores Planned for Beijing Street Food Vendor, Mr. Bing

Bings everywhere

Mr. Bing’s stand at Urbanspace Vanderbilt
Mr. Bing

Beijing-style, street-food vendor Mr. Bing — known for its presence at food markets and pop-ups around New York — is opening three new locations this year.

It starts with Urbanspace Vanderbilt, where Mr. Bing owner Brian Goldberg will officially open a stand next week (currently in soft-open mode), joining food vendors like Ovenly, Roberta’s, Good Stock, and Mile End.

In March, Goldberg plans to open a less than 150-square-foot brick and mortar location on 28th Street and Seventh Avenue in Chelsea. The outpost will be attached to the restaurant’s new central commissary kitchen, where his staff will prep for Mr. Bing’s carts and kiosks. Also slated for March/April: A free-standing cart on the small triangle of pavement outside of Eataly known as General Worth Square.

Goldberg signed a five-year lease on the patch of land, and part of the deal is that Mr. Bing will have a stand at Mad. Sq. Eats for the two months of the year the outdoor food market takes place.

Mr. Bing specializes in jianbing, a popular Chinese crepe that Goldberg grew to love while studying abroad in Beijing. Options at Mr. Bing include the Drunken Chicken filled with chicken marinated in a Shaoxing wine sauce, a peking duck bing, a barbecue pork bing, a dumplings filled with chicken and vegetables.

The restaurant first popped-up in New York in 2015 and has since been available at food markets like Madison Square Eats, Greeley Square’s Broadway Bites, and Bryant Park’s Winter Village. Fans of Mr. Bing can visit Urbanspace Vanderbilt while they wait for the new Bings to open.