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5 Drinks to Try Right Now in New York City

Where to drink and what to order this weekend.

Karasu's One Flight Up.
Karasu's One Flight Up.
Henry Hargreaves

As the warm weather draws to an end, bartenders around the city are serving the summer's final slushies and glasses of rosé, while others are beginning to mix and muddle fall flavors into liquid submission. Below, five ways to sign out one season, and ring in the next.

To feel Like a Kid Again

Image courtesy of The Eddy.

Head To: The Eddy, one of the East Village's coziest New American nooks, is a place for creative cocktails, too. 
Drink: Boba, Bubble, Tea ($15) is an adult play on the popular Taiwanese tapioca-studded drink. Here, bartender Luis Hernandez creates a matcha syrup that's blended with green tea, then spiked with gin and nigori sake. In place of grass jelly, he uses rum jelly.

FOR A Slushie That's Better Than 7-Eleven

Photo by Daphne Cheng.

Head To: Ladybird is the new Greenwich Village vegan tapas lounge from Ravi DeRossi (Mother of Pearl) and chef Daphne Cheng.

Drink: Dodo ($13), is a creamy cooler, not too sweet, and one that derives its hue from fresh avocado and shiso leaves. As for the booze component: Champagne.

If You're Keen on Rosé

Image courtesy of Olmsted.

Head To: Olmsted, Prospect Park's new garden-themed restaurant helmed by Alinea alum Greg Baxtrom, serves polished seasonal plates at an affordable price.

Drink: Rose Shandy ($20) is essentially rosé three ways. Think a frozen rosé cube (which sits in a glass with thyme and currents) that chills a mix of fino sherry, blanc vermouth, and Peychaud's bitters, plus sparkling rosé, topped off with canned rosé.

For a Taste of Japan By Way of Cuba

Photo by Henry Hargreaves.

Head To: Karasuthe secret Japanese eatery within Walter's in Fort Greeneis pushing excellent Japanese-tinged tipples by ZZ's Clam Bar honcho Thomas Waugh.

Drink: One Flight Up ($14) is a Japanese take on a classic daiquiri. Waugh infuses white rum with Japanese green tea for a libation that straddles new and old.

For an early Glimpse of Fall

Image courtesy of Sushi Seki.

Head To: Sushi Seki on 46th Street, the newest member of the quality sushi chainlet, offers a variety of dining and drinking options. Beyond its usual bar, there's a kappo counter, a whiskey bar, and a separate bar for cocktails.

Drink: All That Orange ($15), despite its name and color, involves no actual orange flavor. Instead, that orange shade stems from kabocha squash, plus Aperol, gin, rosemary syrup, lime, and freshly grated nutmeg.