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Major Food Group Christens Four Seasons Space With Splashy Tom Ford Fashion Show

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It’s tonight, and you can watch it live

The Four Seasons
[Rich Torrisi, Jeff Zalaznick, and Mario Carbone]

The Major Food Group takeover of the historic Four Seasons restaurant space begins tonight with a bang — designer Tom Ford is hosting his New York Fashion Week show in the restaurant. It’s the first event the Rich Torrisi-Mario Carbone-Jeff Zalaznick trio are holding in the historic space, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, it will be a banger.

About 180 people will be at the "star-studded extravaganza," which will be live streamed on Ford’s website. The celebrity designer’s even hired the same cameraman who filmed the Golden Globes to film his show, with the hope that viewers at home will feel like they’re at the event. The guy is bringing 22 cameras. Of course, it’s not too much of a surprise that the event will be flashy; Ford’s known for Hollywood-level hoopla around his shows, and Major Food Group isn’t exactly known for their subtlety either.

Meanwhile, the trio is still renovating the space for their eventual new restaurant. A spokesperson with the group says the kitchen and menu are still in development, so the dinner and cocktails served to the fashion crew will be coming from Carbone. If you’re not one of the elite to be invited to the show, you can start watching from home at 9:15 p.m. tonight.