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La Colombe Is Now Helping Midtown Office Workers Cope With the Drudgery of the Daily Grind

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The new location of the third wave coffee chain is right across the street from Bryant Park

A rainy street in Midtown
[La Colombe Midtown]
[Patrick Sisson]

Philadelphia-based coffee company La Colombe is offering a ray of sunshine to Midtown office workers on this gloomy Friday in late September. A new 1,400 square foot cafe opened this morning at 1045 6th Avenue, right across the street from the southwest corner of Bryant Park. In addition to drip coffee and espresso drinks, La Colombe Midtown is also serving draft lattes and pastries from City Bakery. It’s open daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The company has six locations below 14th Street, one in Chelsea, and now a shiny new outpost in Midtown. Blue Bottle, the previous Bryant Park latte hero, is just half a block away, so now Midtown coffee lovers have some tough decisions to make. Here’s a peek at the space:

A stylish coffee shop
[The interior of La Colombe]
[Kelsey Keith]

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