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Keith McNally’s Highly Anticipated FiDi Restaurant Augustine Is Delayed

Luckily, not by long

The lobby at The Beekman Hotel
The Beekman

Keith McNally’s FiDi restaurant Augustineone of the fall's most-anticipated projects — is running just a bit behind schedule. An email from the legendary restaurateur explains that the debut is delayed by a week due to circumstances "beyond our control." Now, the restaurant’s friends and family tasting is scheduled to take place from October 26 through October 30, which means the debut will likely be in early November.

This is McNally’s first opening since Bowery stunner Cherche Midi opened in 2014, and the restaurateur is calling on Cherche chefs Shane McBride and Daniel Parilla to take on the new French restaurant. Augustine will be located inside the newly opened, historic Beekman Hotel in the Financial District. Chef Tom Colicchio’s Fowler and Wells is expected to open in the same hotel in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more information on Augustine and all other fall openings as it becomes available.