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La Esquina to Start Serving Tacos in Midtown Next Month

The Mexican mini-chain is opening a new outpost geared at Midtown office workers

Cafe de la Esquina
Daniel Krieger

The owners of Soho Mexican restaurant La Esquina are opening a fast-casual project in Midtown next month dubbed La Esquina Taqueria. In October, the team will open the doors at 200 West 55th Street, a 55-seat restaurant with a 24-person counter overlooking the kitchen. This is the third location for of the trendy Mexican mini-chain, which also operates Cafe de la Esquina in Williamsburg.

Like its older siblings, La Esquina Taqueria will continue to highlight a selection of tacos, tortas, and quesadillas. The drinks list will include house-made aqua frescas, Mexican beers, and sangria, while a small menu of sides will offer grilled corn, tortilla soup, and rice and beans. According to a rep for the restaurant, La Esquina Taqueria is set to open mid-October. Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.