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Quality Team’s Nightclub Squares Opens Tonight With Actual Square-Shaped Food

Deviled eggs, but square

Squares on squares on squares
Liz Clayman for Squares

The team behind hits like Quality Eats now has a nightclub called Squares that takes its name very literally. The new venue at 360 Park Avenue South is decorated in more than 25,000 square-shaped tiles. Uniforms for staff have "modern cubic cutouts" that take inspiration from the club’s square logo. The menu is lined with square grid. And much of the food offered will be shaped like cubes, which, in case you don’t know, are 3D versions of squares.

The family-run Quality Branded team was already running the tiki bar Riff Raff’s that was in the space before, but they wanted Squares to be different — a modernized version of "the classic New York Society club with a spike of cheeky irreverence," according to a statement. The "irreverence" happens in the form of design partly through those square tiles. They are placed into mosaics intended to resemble "a pixelated facsimile of a historic hall." That, along with stag heads, marble busts, wood, leather, and a fireplace/DJ booth make up a design that’s supposed to be reminiscent of both old private clubs and arcade games.

Squares offers a small menu of hors d’oeuvres, including deviled eggs, lobster rolls, and toasted ravioli. They are all in line with the square theme. But Squares is really more of a club than a restaurant, and the focus is drinks, created by Clover Club alum Bryan Schneider. The menu features a selection of bottle service options and a handful of specialty drinks that are takes on classics. The square theme is not lost here, either. A special "Lego Club Mule" comes in a mug that looks created out of the cubic pieces of Legos. It costs $25.

The proprietors want guests to get into the theme, too. People visiting the nightclub will be offered accessories like temporary tattoos and glasses. The list isn't finalized yet, but if we had to guess, the gifts will probably all have some aspect that looks exactly like a square. If you happen to stop by, please let us know what you think.


East 26th, New York, NY (212) 481-0187