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Clinton Hill Cafe Tilda All Day Closes After Ownership Battle

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It will reopen, but it will be completely different

Tilda All Day [Photo by Josh Dickinson; courtesy of Tilda]

Stylish Clinton Hill cafe with a killer pastry program Tilda All Day has closed its doors less than a year after it opened. Partners Samantha Safer and Daniel Nusbaum are now in court over ownership after their relationship soured, and chef Claire Welle has left the business completely. "It just got to the point probably about a week and a half ago [where] I just couldn’t perform my job anymore," Welle says. "The relationship between the owners deteriorated very quickly."

The neighborhood cafe attracted a following for its all-day menu and Welle’s impressive line-up of pastries, including pistachio loafs, morning buns, cookies, and more. It closed earlier this month after the legal battle started. Safer says that she plans to reopen it in October with the name Tilda but just in the evening, with a bar and oysters. "Super simple," she says. "Nothing like it was before." Nusbaum did not respond to request for comment.

Welle says the owner personalities clashed. After working seven days a week for the last year, she’s taking a break before figuring out her next step. "I’m proud of what we accomplished there," she says. "I send the owners my best. It sucks that so much work was put into this, and we had so many goals that we were going to achieve. I don’t know what it’s going to become."

[a look at Tilda’s pastry case]

Tilda All Day

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