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Caracas Arepa Bar Dining Room Closed Indefinitely, Bâtard Cooks Up Friday Lunch, and More Intel

Mayor De Blasio's team wants to crack down on those obnoxious street fairs, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[The dining room at the original Brooklyn location of Sweet Chick]
[Daniel Krieger]

— No one was injured in the fire that broke out inside the East Seventh Street location of Caracas Arepa Bar yesterday morning, but the restaurant is closed indefinitely. Co-owner Maribel Araujo tells Grub Street: "It’s not just a little thing we can fix quickly, put drywall up, and keep going....Maybe we’ll relocate, maybe we’ll try to rebuild this one. At this point, I’m not sure." The restaurant’s smaller, next-door take-out cafe is still open for business.

— Michelin-starred Tribeca restaurant Bâtard is rolling out Friday lunch service starting September 30. Markus Glocker, John Winterman, and Drew Nieporent are going to be offering two courses for $45 or three for $55. Options will include pastrami-spiced beets, Amish chicken, crispy lamb neck, and duck & quail pie. Check out the new menu here.

During a Reddit AMA this week, Anthony Bourdain offered a brief update on his ambitious market/food hall project in Chelsea: "We're hoping to be open by 2019, so we're two years out. We're getting there!" That’s the same time frame that the team announced on the Bourdain Market homepage a few months ago. Bourdain also revealed his fast food craving: "I have an unholy and guilty attraction to fast-food macaroni and cheese. During the morning I get these horrendous cravings for Popeyes mac and cheese, and, uh, I will often disguise myself to try to slip into Popeyes. Or in a pinch, I will even go to the Colonel. There, I admit it"

Mayor De Blasio’s administration wants to reform the dopey tube sock & mozzarepa street fairs that clog the avenues of the city on the weekends. Under a new set of rules that will be explained at a public hearing next month, at least half of the vendors at these street fairs would have to be from that community board zone, and each district could only host 20 of these events per year.

— On Tuesday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dined at Harry Cipriani at the Sherry-Netherland hotel along with a 40 person security detail. A spy tells Page Six: "Around 20 security guards got up with Bibi and a few went into the bathroom with him. One watched the door, and the rest lined up with their arms up to form a human barricade, so nobody could enter the bathroom or even get close."

The St. Dymphnas team got a stop work order from the DOB at the former Yaffa Cafe space at 97 St. Mark’s Place.  Right now, the restaurateurs are turning this storefront into a new Portuguese pub called Taberna 97. The issue might be related to the garden area, which Yaffa used for many years until the city determined that it wasn’t up to code. Co-owner Eric Baker tells EV Grieve: "Our plans for the garden involve landscaping and beautifying so it can be enjoyed from inside our space. We respect the rights of our neighbors ... [we] will always work toward as harmonious as possible a coexistence and are willing to talk with and address any issues that may come up."

Williamsburg pizza hot spot Emmy Squared just added service on Tuesdays, so now it’s open seven days a week. Timed with the the start of football season, the team will also open up the downstairs burger bar on Thursdays and Sundays from noon to 9 p.m. starting next week.

After 14 years in business on the Lower East Side, The Pickle Guys shop is moving across the street to a corner storefront at 357 Grand. The last day at the original Orchard Street storefront is this Sunday.

A new business called JuiceGo is coming to an especially juice-saturated patch of the East Village. The shop is taking over the former Cadillac’s Castle consignment store at 333 East Ninth Street.

— And finally, here’s a look at the mighty English breakfast at The Breslin: