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Pasquale Jones’ San Gennaro Feast, Free Nathan’s Hot Dogs, and More Intel

Plus: Artichoke Pizza makes a move to Bushwick

Pasquale Jones
Pasquale Jones’ dining room
Nick Solares

— Local chain Artichoke Pizza — a drunken destination for creamy slices — has set its eyes on Bushwick. Co-owner Francis Garcia says the restaurant will be taking over the space of Northeast Kingdom, the influential Bushwick restaurant that closed in the spring.

— The Pasquale Jones team is hosting its own San Gennaro Feast later this month, from Sept. 15 to 25. The restaurant will offer a four-course family-style menu with dishes inspired by the annual Mulberry Street festival, including Adriatic fig pizza, arancini, porchetta, and cannoli to-go. The menu costs $79, and three times the number of reservations will be open for the meals. Several guest chefs will also pop in during the fest, including Daniel Humm and Will Guidara from Eleven Madison Park and the Nomad and Mark Ladner from Del Posto. Guest chef meals cost $300.

— Gourmet grocer Garden of Eden is struggling. The 22-year-old chain, which closed several of its six stores in the last few years, has filed for bankruptcy citing "historic lack of patronage."

— Has East Village restaurant Schnitz closed? EV Grieve reports that the schnitzel sandwich shop with a yellow awning hasn’t been open all week and hasn’t been answering the phone.

— Elsewhere in the East Village, Agios Greek Rotisserie is now open on St. Mark’s.

— The Williamsburg Whole Foods is really getting into the La Croix sculpture game:

Can someone interview the LaCroix sculpturist from Whole Foods? @artforum?

A photo posted by Kurt Soller (@kurtsoller) on

— A Chelsea 7-11 has a Slurpee bandit taunting them nearly every day. The man, who’s in his 30s or 40s, fills up a cup with Slurpee and leaves without paying. "He shows the cup like he’s laughing at us," the manager says.

— Coney Island hot dog favorite Nathan’s Famous is celebrating its 100th anniversary today by trying to break the world record for the longest line of hot dogs. A team will be putting down hot dogs as quickly as possibly in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central at 12:30 p.m. Visitors can snag a free hot dog while the supplies last.

— Williamsburg now has its own khachapuri restaurant. Cheeseboat specializes in the cheesy, creamy, buttery, egg-topped bread that’s originally from the country Georgia. Here’s a look from the Eater team on what khachapuri is, as made by Oda House in the East Village: