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Carmellini to Sell Burgers + Soft Serve Out of an Airstream at Mister Dips

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The final piece of the William Vale puzzle slides into place 

[Courtesy of Mister Dips]

In addition to a wood-fired coastal Italian restaurant, and a rooftop bar where you can watch seaplanes land, Andrew Carmellini and the rest of the Noho Hospitality team are also opening a burger and soft serve stand at Williamsburg’s William Vale hotel. At Mister Dips, the crew will be working out of a retrofitted 1974 Airstream in the hotel’s public green space. The mascot is a soft serve cone with eyes who is about to eat a burger with eyes. Carmellini & Co. haven’t revealed much more info beyond the name, the logo, and the menu of burgers & cones. But it’s slated to open to the public on September 29. If you need a Mister Dips fix before then, here is a video of the cone-man’s googly eyeballs:


A video posted by Mister Dips (@eatmisterdips) on

In addition to the Noho Hospitality restaurants, the William Vale will also feature a doughnut shop from Wylie Dufresne called Du's Donuts and Coffee.

Mister Dips [Official]