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Claus Meyer Introduces Breakfast at Agern and an Expanded Menu at Almanak Inside GCT

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One of New York's busiest transit hubs just got a slew of new options from Danish celebrity chef Meyer

Nick Solares

Claus Meyer’s Grand Central restaurant Agern is now serving a Nordic-influenced weekday breakfast. Dishes from chef Gunnar Gíslason include sweet and savory porridge, Danish pastries, a fancy $24 avocado toast, pork loin eggs Benedict, a smoked salmon scramble, and soft boiled eggs with toast. The "Agern Breakfast" comes with coffee, juice, or tea, two eggs any style, and your choice of two sides for $36.

Meanwhile, at Great Northern Food Hall, Meyer and Co. have expanded the menu at Almanak, previously the food hall's salad and smoothie bar. Almanak's new menu offers a list of Nordic small plates like a crudo of the day, beef tartare, and potato with smoked egg at a chef’s counter. Toward the rear of Great Northern is a new operation called Served. Here guests are able to order from any of the pavilions including Grain Bar, Meyers Bageri, and Almanak.

Last month Pete Wells awarded three stars to Agern’s Nordic-influenced dinner menu, and Robert Sietsema dubbed Great Northern "one of the most interesting food courts in town." Breakfast is available Monday to Friday at Agern from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., and Great Northern is open daily starting at 6:00 a.m. Peep the new menus below, and drop us a line if you happen to stop by.


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