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Frederik Berselius Adds Shorter, Lower-Priced Option to Aska Menu

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The chef is offering 10 courses for $145

Nick Solares

Frederik Berselius tells Eater that he has introduced a new, lower-priced tasting menu option at the revival of his acclaimed Nordic-influenced restaurant, Aska. The new menu features 10 courses for $145, service-included. Formerly, the only available menu in the main dining room was the $215 19-course affair the restaurant opened with back in August. Berselius says that the menu will have between three and four unique dishes not found on the longer tasting menu, but will otherwise follow a similar trajectory. There will also be a separate beverage pairing for the new menu for $85 (a full menu beverage pairing costs $115).

Berselius earned a Michelin star in 2013 at the original incarnation of Aska, which was housed inside Kinfolk Studios. He closed that version of the restaurant in 2014 to find a larger space. Aska 2.0 opened back in July in far more ambitious digs replete with a basement bar and garden, that features an al la carte menu. The new menu in the dining room should save diners time as wells as money. Although the long form menu unfolds over multiple hours, Berselius expects the shorter version to take around two hours to complete.


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