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New Yorkers Get Yet Another Restaurant Ranking in the Form of Renzell

Eleven Madison Park, Atera, and Momofuku Ko got high marks on the inaugural list

[The dining room at Atera, a Renzell restaurant]
[The dining room at Atera, a Renzell restaurant]
Daniel Krieger

A new dining app called Renzell offers rankings on 70+ high end restaurants throughout New York City. Last fall, the app’s creator, Bo Peabody, told Eater: "There are only so many restaurants in New York that offer what we consider to be a holistic dining experience. That is really important to us." The ranking system went live in October of last year, and now, after more than 2,000 anonymous diners filed notes on meals around the city, Renzell has released its 2016 rankings. The gist:

— Eleven Madison Park, Momofuku Ko, and Atera are the top three restaurants in terms of overall rankings

— Atera is #1 in terms of both food and service

— Betony scored the highest for "hospitality"

— Momofuku Ko scored the highest for wine/beer/sake

Renzell currently has an invite-only membership policy, although all the diners pay for their own meals and none of them work in the service industry. All of the Renzell restaurants get to see the data from these diners as it’s collected, if they’re willing to fork over an annual fee between $500 and $1,500, depending on their size. Check out the official 2016 rankings, plus more information on how to score an invite, if that’s up your alley, on the Renzell homepage.