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Candied Bacon Quinoa Sushi, And Other Very Real Things The Vnyl Is Serving

The new ‘70s-inspired clubstaurant has some crazy menu items

candied bacon quinoa sushi from The Vnyl
Candied bacon quinoa sushi from The Vnyl
Bess Adler

The new ‘70s-inspired clubstaurant The Vnyl has a lot of splashy elements — "table-side mixology," music curated by Entourage star Adrian Grenier, a literal rope swing — and its menu is no different. Created by frequent TV chef Jordan Andino, it’s trend heavy and involves a series of unusual mash-ups. Here are four real things that you can pay for with your hard-earned cash at the East Village bar and restaurant.

Candied bacon quinoa sushi — It’s got avocado, sambal creme fraiche, and costs $15 for six pieces.

candied bacon quinoa sushi from The Vnyl Bess Adler

Avocado and zucchini carpaccio — This costs $17 and comes with burrata.

avocado and zucchini carpaccio from The Vnyl Bess Adler

Vnyl Poke Bowl — Apparently no new restaurant in NYC is complete without the most persistent trend of 2016, the poke bowl. The Vnyl, however, goes where no other restaurant has gone by displayings its "poke bowl" on a plate. It costs $23.

poke bowl from The Vnyl Bess Adler

Bangers and Mash Croquette — The croquettes involve chives, Irish cheddar, pork sausage, and jalapeno stout gravy. It costs $14. Bangers and mash, a dish from across the pond, isn’t quite as trendy as other items on the menu, but perhaps it’s a little bit of owner James Morrissey’s influence coming into play. He is Irish.

bangers and mash croquette from The Vnyl Bess Adler

Other items on the menu include taco churro cannoli, cookie dough spring roll, and California roll oysters. Check out the full menu below, and if you want to take a look at the space, see the photos here.