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Bakery Orwashers Opens Second Location 100 Years After Original

It's expanding the menu, too

Orwashers Upper West Side
Rachel Collins

Century-old bakery Orwashers opened a second location today on the Upper West Side. The artisanal bakery, which announced plans last summer for a second location, opened this morning on the corner of 81 and Amsterdam. In addition to fresh bread and pastries made in house, the new Orwashers will serve a selection of sandwiches and salads with ingredients from local farms.

The Orwashers  a Hungarian immigrant family opened the original bakery on East 78 in 1916 looking to serve the Upper East Side’s local immigrant community, using decades of family recipes for rye, black, and grain breads. In 2008, the Orwasher family sold the bakery to its current owner Keith Cohen, who expanded the company's wholesale business. Today, Orwashers provides bread to over 100 businesses, including salad mini chains Chop’t and Fresh & Co, as well as markets like Gourmet Garage.

Starting today, Orwashers UWS is open every day at 7:00 a.m. Do let us know what you think if you stop by.