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Resto to Throw a Closing Bash with OG Chefs Skeen, Morgenstern, and Derby

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One more large format feast before the restaurant bows out

Christian Pappanicholas
Christian Pappanicholas
Daniel Krieger

Resto's final days will be marked with a dream team. Late last month, Resto owner Christian Pappanicholas announced that he would soon close down his nine-year-old Murray Hill restaurant and reopen it as Cannibal Liquor House. To send it off, Pappanicholas is bringing back original Resto chef Ryan Skeen and pastry chef Nick Morgenstern for a final large format feast on Thursday, August 11. Skeen, Morgenstern, and Cannibal chef Francis Derby will work on the meal, which will feature a 300-pound Duroc and Berkshire pig.

Resto opened back in the spring of 2007 with a focus on Belgian food and beer. It soon became known as much for its hamburger and large format feasts as its original concept under Skeen. During the almost decade-long run, it saw a procession of talented chefs helm the kitchen, including Bobby Helen, Preston Clarke, Koren Grieveson, and Derby, who will be the chef at Cannibal Liquor House. Reservations for the feast can be made by calling the restaurant at  212-685-5585 or via emailing


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