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Four Seasons Partners Are Suing to Stop the Park Avenue Reboot

They want to stop Alex von Bidder and Julian Niccolini from using the name

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Park Avenue reboot just hit a roadblock. Two partners in Four Seasons Global, a company that owns the legendary restaurant’s name and logo, are suing owners Alex von Bidder and Julian Niccolini to stop them from using the Four Seasons name at the new restaurant, Page Six reports. Kenneth Walker and Lawrence Graev say they signed a licensing agreement with von Bidder and Niccolini for the Four Seasons brand. But Niccolini and von Bidder apparently didn’t tell the duo that they planned to reopen their iconic restaurant on Park Avenue — and that they didn’t plan on giving them a cut, according to Page Six. From Page Six:

When the business lost its lease in the Seagram Building and closed — famously selling off its furniture and knickknacks at auction — Walker and Graev said they got to work developing a business plan. They also met with building owners to scout new locations and even discussed opening a restaurant at Hudson Yards.

So they were shocked to learn in March that von Bidder and Niccolini were negotiating for new lease at 280 Park Ave. with an eye toward reopening there in 2017, their suit says. They said that when they asked von Bidder what role they’d play in the new location, he replied, "None."

An attorney for Niccolini and von Bidder tried to end their licensing agreement back in May, claiming that Walker and Graev didn’t put effort into expanding the Four Seasons brand, Page Six adds. But Walker and Graev say it’s not true and want damages from the restaurateurs. The historic Four Seasons restaurant closed last month after 57 years at the Seagrams building. Major Food Group is taking over the landmarked space, and Niccolini and von Bidder have said they were planning to reopen their restaurant as early as next year.

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