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TsuruTonTan Already Slammed With Eager Udon Lovers Waiting Hours For Noodles

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Good luck trying to get in

TsuruTonTan Nick Solares

Japanese udon chain TsuruTonTan’s new Union Square outpost is already being swarmed by the noodle loving masses. The restaurant that slings house made udon noodles and non-traditional udon bowls has quoted hours long wait times since it opened. Eater staffers have tried — and failed — to get in on both Monday and Tuesday. One was politely turned away on Monday after being told an hour and a half wait, which would have gone past the restaurant’s closing time. Yesterday, a different Eater staffer was quoted two hours around 7:30 p.m., while another guest was quoted 45 minutes for one seat at the bar when he arrived at 6 p.m. En fuego! The restaurant’s not even serving the full menu this week. "The best part was seeing groups of people arrive by Uber, stride confidently in, then skulk out, defeated," says Eater critic Robert Sietsema, who did not get into the restaurant. Did you actually eat at the hottest noodle house in Union Square? Is it worth it? Let us know.