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Downtown Brooklyn Food Hall Delay, Greenpoint Ice Cream, and More Intel

Plus: How has Mr. Chow managed to survive with bad food?

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The dining room of Paowalla, Floyd Cardoz's new Soho restaurant
The dining room of Paowalla, Floyd Cardoz's new Soho restaurant
Nick Solares

— Downtown Brooklyn’s City Point development has delayed the opening of its highly anticipated DeKalb Market Food Hall, a project with nearly 40 vendors like Katz’s and Ample Hills. It was originally supposed to open this fall, but the debut has been pushed back to 2017. New York’s first outpost of Alamo Drafthouse, a popular Austin-based movie theater-and-restaurant chain, has also been delayed indefinitely. From the market:

Due to construction delays in other areas of the City Point, we’ve decided to hold the opening of DeKalb Market Hall until spring 2017. Our goal is to offer Downtown Brooklyn not only great food, but also a destination that can serve as a community hub, and it wouldn’t feel quite right opening without our neighbors like Trader Joe’s, Fortina and Han Dynasty. We look forward to opening in unison with them in early 2017.

Update: a spokeswoman with the food hall now says that Han Dynasty has not yet been confirmed for the market.

— The owner of Rockaways pizzeria Whit’s End who was arrested for growing weed is now doubling down on how he had no idea the plant in his restaurant was marijuana. "Did God tell you to assume that I grew that?" Whitney Aycock tells Grub Street. "Did the devil? What? How do you come up with that conclusion?" Police previously said a "pungent smell" tipped them off. The restaurant is apparently still open.

— Greenpoint is getting a big new location of artisanal scoop shop Davey’s Ice Cream. Owner David Yoo signed a lease for a 3,200-square-foot space at 162-168 Guernsey St. It’s the biggest outpost for the East Village ice cream shop yet.

— Elsewhere in Greenpoint, a couple of guys from Minneapolis have debuted a bar called Goldie’s that’s supposed to look like an old casino and feel like a neighborhood bar.

— The East Village outpost of Atomic Wings hasn’t been open in a few weeks. Neither has the neighborhood Edible Arrangements.

— The Times takes a look at how Michael Chow of Mr. Chow manages to be a success despite high prices and critically panned food. The whole experience — including table side champagne carts — sells luxury, Chow says. "It’s all about theater," he says. "It’s very important that you cast it like a theater. It’s all about, ‘Don’t bore the audience.’"

— Police have released photos of the ice cream crooks who stole more than $3,000 worth of Haagen-Dazs, Ben and Jerry’s, and Talenti from Manhattan pharmacies. The three bandits stole from at least 10 CVS and Duane Reade locations, likely to resell the pints.

— The Post’s Steve Cuozzo scoffs at the obsession to make sure beef labeled as "Kobe" is actually from Kobe, Japan. Most restaurants in New York that sell "Kobe" beef usually don’t get it from Kobe, but it’s not that big of a deal, Cuozzo says. Waygu beef from cows raised in other places in Japan, or even in the U.S., rival Kobe beef in quality. "So let Kobe be "Kobe" — as long as it tastes as good," he writes.

— Finally, here’s how Marea breaks down an octopus: