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Udon Specialist TsuruTonTan Opens Tonight in Union Square With Caviar-Laced Noodles

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The popular Japanese chain makes its NYC debut

TsuruTonTan Nick Solares

Popular Japanese udon chain TsuruTonTan makes its New York debut tonight in the former Union Square Cafe space. The restaurant, which first opened in Japan nearly 30 years ago, makes its udon noodles in-house and boasts a library of some 400 recipes from over the years.

The menu is split up by category, including popular dishes with traditional clear fish broth, curry and creme based broths, and cold noodles. It’s best known for non-traditional options like mentaiko udon, a cold dish made with cod caviar, and uni udon, where the noodles are topped with uni. Featured hot curry and creme dishes include options beyond Japanese curry, such as a chicken parm creme udon and a truffle creme with mushroom option.

Unlike the locations in Japan, the New York location will have a full bar and non-udon items like sushi and sashimi. The menu will change regularly, with 30 to 40 udon options at a time. The restaurant at 21 East 16th St. opens at 5 p.m. Check out the space here, and the menu below. If you stop by tonight, let us know what you think.