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Mini’s Greenpoint Restaurant Will Be an All-Day Nordic Experiment for Designers

It’s the project from star chefs Claus Meyer and Fredrik Berselius

Rendering of A/D/O

The new project from Nordic star chefs Fredrik Berselius and Claus Meyer’s at car company Mini’s Greenpoint workspace A/D/O will feature a bakery, cafe, restaurant, and bar for the "creative professionals" the company is hoping to attract. The two chefs, who respectively run Williamsburg tasting menu Aska and the Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central Terminal, will act as co-restaurateurs for the all-day project, which aims to explore "how design and food relate," according to A/D/O. Expect items from an in-house bakery at breakfast, a version of European workplace canteens for lunch with a special rotating entree every day, and seasonal share plates for dinner. At night, a bar program will offer cocktails, natural wines, and craft beer.

Both Berselius and Meyer are known for their inventive takes on Nordic cuisine. Berselius just opened his revival of critically acclaimed Aska last month, and Meyer, a co-founder of Noma, debuted his first New York City sit-down restaurant Agern in Grand Central along with a Nordic food hall earlier this year. Price points at the new Greenpoint restaurant will be more affordable than their sit-down tasting menu projects. It’s intended to be a casual, daytime space that’s a pumped up version of a coffee shop.

A/D/O, which stands for amalgamated drawing office, is a 23,000-square-foot restaurant, design store, venue, and co-working space at 29 Norman Ave. that aims to look at how new products can help life in a city. It will also house a program that supports urban engineering start-ups, and Mini, a company owned by BMW, wants ideas and collaboration between industries to happen at the restaurant, too. It opens later this year.