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Westville’s West Village Location Shut Down For Illegal Gas Line

Owner Jay Strauss said he did not know about the violation

Westville Westville

Casual American mini-chain Westville’s West Village location has been closed for weeks for construction — apparently due to the installation of a new gas line without a permit. Con Ed shut down gas at the popular brunch restaurant’s building at 210 West 10th St. in July after the Department of Buildings found that a gas line had been installed from the cellar to the restaurant without a permit, according to the DOB. It was connected to three "commercial appliances." The building also received a violation for failure to maintain sprinkler heads. It was a class 1 violation, defined as "immediately hazardous." The whole building has not had gas since then.

Even though the violation states the gas line went into the restaurant, owner Jay Strauss says by phone that he has "no idea" about the violation, only that Con Ed shut down the gas for the whole building. "I just minded my own business," he says. Eater hears that people on the street are outraged about the situation, particularly after two people died in the East Village explosion last year. The fire, which destroyed three buildings and displaced many residents, was caused by a bad gas hookup. The violation on Westville’s building notes that either a proper permit must be obtained, or the gas line must be removed to clear the violation. Eater has reached out to Con Ed and will update with any more details.