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Wasp Nest Is the Must-Have Restaurant Accessory of Summer 2016

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Ornamental insect nests are so hot right now

The dining room at Olmsted]
The dining room at Olmsted]
Daniel Krieger

It’s not uncommon for farm-to-table restaurants to rock a few rustic details like a busted up basket, a weathered tin sign, or perhaps a bundle of twigs or driftwood in the dining room. These details connect diners to the soulful farmlands that provide the pungent asparagus, tiny little potatoes, and tender bulbs of endive that grace the plates of the city’s acclaimed seasonal restaurants.

Olmsted, the break-out star of the Brooklyn dining scene this year, is taking the haute barnyard aesthetic to the next level by putting a real wasp nest right next to the toilet in the bathroom. A Vox staffer spotted this terrifying bundle during his meal at the acclaimed restaurant last night. To be clear: This is not an active wasp nest. But if, by chance, you had seen an active wasp nest at any other time in your life, you might be just a little bit spooked seeing this surprise in the W.C. The diner who spied the nest tells Eater: "I felt a sort of existential dread? A primal fear, mixed with exasperation."

Following Ryan Sutton’s three-star review and the two star assessment from Pete Wells, Olmsted is now one of the hottest tickets in town. If you happen to spot any other wasp nests in the restaurant bathrooms or NYC, or any other particularly outlandish dining room details, please let us know.


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