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Blue Hill’s Bar Menu, New Neon Signage at Bridge Cafe, and More Intel

Kevin Zraly is teaching his final Windows on the World wine class, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[The dining room at Meadowsweet in Williamsburg]
[The dining room at Meadowsweet in Williamsburg]
Daniel Krieger

—In October, Dan Barber will introduce a bar menu at his acclaimed restaurant Blue Hill near Washington Square Park. The meal will consist of riffs on fast food dishes, like a "beetfurter," doughless potato pizza, and sourdough string bean "fries." Barber tells the Robs: "We’re putting vegetables and whole grains at center stage, with meat used mostly as a condiment." These dishes will be available as set meals priced from $68 to $88.

— Ancient Seaport tavern the Bridge Cafe has been closed for almost four years now because of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. In March, owner Adam Weprin told Eater that the space was "90 percent there." And now, a neighbor shares a photo on Facebook of some snazzy new neon signage in the window. Eater has reached out to the restaurant for more information on the reopening. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

— After 40 years in the business, famed sommelier Kevin Zraly is gearing up to teach his final class at Windows on the World Wine School this fall.

— The owners of OBao are opening a new Thai seafood restaurant called Fish Cheeks right next to Mile End on Bond Street in Noho.

— A new location of the ever-growing Bareburger chain is coming to 103 West 14th Street:

[The new Bareburger coming to 14th Street]
[Nick Solares]

If you spot any new restaurants opening or closing in your neighborhood please send any intel or photos to the tipline.

— At a CB3 meeting last night, the Black Tap team got initial approval for a beer and wine license for the new location of the burgers & fancy shakes chain coming to 177 Ludlow Street.

— At the new Empellon restaurant in Midtown, Alex Stupak will be serving an almost entirely new set of dishes, including wagyu fajitas, breakfast tacos, and a $30 tray of crab nachos. It’s slated to open at 510 Madison Avenue in November.

— 10 years ago today, David Chang opened a Korean burrito bar on Second Avenue:

Tables for Two’s Jiayang Fan visits Village newcomer Hao Noodles & Tea by Madame Zhu’s Kitchen: "Sichuan peppercorns are to Sichuanese what olive oil is to Mediterranean: quintessential and compulsory. Spicy mung-bean jelly is a summertime favorite in which slippery, tremulous slabs of mung-bean starch are steeped in a magma-like vinaigrette of peanuts, sesame seeds, chili oil, and those show-stealing peppercorns. Pair that with the classic Sichuan chicken, which has a popcorn-like crisp, chewy texture and comes in a mountain of dried chili peppers."

Beijing-based burger chain Uncle Sam’s is planning to open a new outpost this fall at 143 Eighth Avenue in Chelsea. The company has another location up and running on Fifth Avenue near 32nd Street.

— This week, a New York City-based Papa John’s franchisee agreed to pay more than $500,000 to 200 employees who were shorted on their wages.

— And finally, here’s a look at how the Red Hook Lobster Pound team makes the restaurant’s famous lobster roll: