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TV Chef Anne Burrell’s Comeback Restaurant to Rock Metallic Orange Wallpaper

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She’s serving Italian-influenced Mediterranean food

Nick Tininenko/Getty Images

Anne Burrell, the spiky-haired TV chef who hasn’t run a restaurant in NYC since 2008, is working with Phil Casaceli of West Village bar Daddy-O to open Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge in the former space of beloved barbecue and whiskey bar Char No. 4 at 196 Smith St in Brooklyn. Although the planned decor might sound more Hard Rock Cafe than Smith Street — it will have metallic orange wallpaper with vintage guitars illustrations — the duo says they want the Good Time Lounge to be a "home-away-frome-home."

Burrell will be serving Italian-influenced Mediterranean food, including roasted cauliflower steak with bacon, braised chicken with mushrooms and almond puree, and bucatini all’amatriciana. The 85 seats in the house will get a view of the kitchen, and everything on the menu will be "appetizer-sized" for sharing, though the team explicitly notes that the dishes will not be "small plates." Dinner service is expected to debut in September, with lunch and brunch to come.