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A Voce Columbus Circle Closes After Bankruptcy Approved

The restaurant has been struggling for years

A Voce Serena Dai

A Voce’s tumultuous bankruptcy case and legal battle has come to a close. The Time Warner Center location of the once-acclaimed upscale Italian restaurant ended operations before dinner service on Tuesday, just after co-owner Marlon Abela’s petition for bankruptcy was approved. Though it was once a fine dining destination, the restaurant lost its Michelin star, hadn’t been paying rent, and has been struggling to make a profit for years.

Abela and his London-based company MARC owned the restaurant with TWC’s management company Related Realty, and Abela and Related's Ken Himmel were in the process of trying to redesign and revive the restaurant. But conflict between Abela and Himmel led to Abela filing for bankruptcy without Himmel’s consent. Related petitioned to stop the bankruptcy from happening, but earlier this month, the company rescinded the petition and agreed to let it move forward, according to court documents. The bankruptcy was officially approved on Tuesday, and a trustee asked to close the restaurant as part of the process.

It’s not yet clear what will happen to A Voce’s restaurant space. During the bankruptcy case, Abela claimed that A Voce was not the only restaurant struggling at the Time Warner Center, suggesting that Himmel is distracted by his big new project at the Hudson Yards. Meanwhile, Eater hears that high profile pastry chef François Payards sudden resignation at his eponymous bakeries may have something to do with the fact that he’s partnered in the businesses with Abela. But fans of A Voce still have another outpost for now: the Madison Avenue location of the restaurant remains open.

Update: TWC has received interest from other restaurants who want to open in the space. A spokeswoman says in a statement: "The New York dining scene is dynamic and ever changing, and the diverse and renowned culinary destination that is The Restaurant and Bar Collection at Time Warner Center is no exception as it continues to evolve and welcome new chefs and cuisine."

A Voce - Columbus

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