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Shake Shack’s 100th Location, Feltman’s Finds a Home at Theater 80, and More Intel

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Two customers got into a fight at the Jane Hotel bar, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[The dining room at Margaux at The Marlton]
[The dining room at Margaux at The Marlton]
Daniel Krieger

Shake Shack is giving away Shackburgers to the first 100 guests at every location (outside of ballparks) today, starting at 10:30 a.m. The giveaway is tied to the opening of the chain’s 100th store, which is located in Boston. Danny Meyer tells Eater Boston: "It generally takes us a good year and a half to conceive and gestate a neighborhood and design it and build it and open it, but that’s a good pace for us because we don’t think there should be a Shake Shack in every single neighborhood." Meyer doesn’t have any plans to open a more formal restaurant in the Boston area. The hospitality legend explains: "We’ve been pretty conservative about keeping our fine dining restaurants in New York City."

Watch: Does In-n-Out or Shake Shack Make a Better Burger?

Coney Island historian Michael Quinn is reviving Feltman’s, the 19th century restaurant credited with inventing the hot dog. After a series of Feltman’s pop-ups, Quinn is moving his operation into the restaurant space at Theater 80 on St. Mark’s Place. The restaurateur tells EV Grieve: "We found out that some of the performers who played at Theatre 80 a century ago got their start as singing waiters at Feltman's in Coney Island like Eddie Cantor." The hot dog stand will open tomorrow.

Josh Bowen, the proprietor of John Brown Smokehouse, is going to offer a preview of his new Texas-meets-Queens barbecue restaurant Mothership Meat Company on August 22 as part of the Queens Dinner Club series. Located in Long Island City, Mothership is the sort-of-sequel to Bowen's short-lived but critically-acclaimed Alchemy, Texas barbecue. At the $60 sneak peek, Bowen will be serving brisket with garam masala, yuzu smoked duck, smoked whole hog, short rib pastrami, and sides. Tickets are now available online.

— On August 7, two women at the Jane Hotel bar got into an argument that ended with one of the bargoers punching the other in the face. The assailant was arrested and charged with "assault and intent to cause physical injury," DNAinfo reports.

Attendees of last weekend’s NYC African Food Fest took to social media to complain about the fact that the event had fewer vendors than it originally publicized. The event was also riddled with scheduling and ticketing snafus, and, like most summer food festivals, it was super hot and generally uncomfortable.

— Unlikable pharma bro Martin Shkreli went to unlikable celebrity chef restaurant Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar on Friday. He Periscoped his entire experience at the bar.

Archestratus bookstore in Greenpoint is going to host an Indian food pop-up called Bhanumati on August 21. Tickets for this vegetarian feast are $40.

Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert will discuss his new memoir 32 Yolks at the Museum of Food and Drink on August 30.

— A new location of kooky pizzeria chain Two Boots is slated to open in Stamford, Connecticut today at 717 Atlantic St.

— And finally, here’s how the chefs at Pies ‘n’ Thighs make the restaurant’s fried chicken:

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