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New Yorkers Drawn to Fast Casual Chopped Fish Like Moths to a Flame

Bow before the poke gods for they possess a power that us mere mortals cannot comprehend

[Phoot: <a href="">Instagram/PokespotNY]</a>]
[Phoot: Instagram/PokespotNY]]

Move over Cronuts, cupcakes, milkshakes with frosting on the side, and ramen burgers. There’s a new line-inducing craze in town: chopped up raw fish. Around this time last year, New York City had exactly zero restaurants dedicated to poke. Now there are at least a half-dozen, including this new fast casual restaurant called The Poke Spot, which opened on Friday in the old Subway space on Fourth Avenue, with a buy-one-get-one-free deal that brought the crowds. It serves chopped up fish on sliced avocados. The lines persisted through the evening.

Friday evening, "The Pokéspot" (what??) in the East Village #PokeStop? #PokeSpot? #hmmmmmmmmm

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Is this peak poke, or just the beginning of a trend that will persist for years to come? Only time will tell.

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