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Bedford Cheese Shop to Move, Solomonov Guest Stars at Untitled, and More Intel

The King Cole Bar introduce a $2,500 table, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[The Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg]
[The Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg]

The Bedford Cheese Shop will be moving out of the space on the corner of Bedford Avenue and North 4th Street in a few weeks. By the end of the month, the shop will reopen in the former Khim’s Millennium space on Bedford near North 1st Street. The announcement about the move comes less than a week after Whole Foods moved in across the street, although owner Charlotte Kamin says that the grocery mega-store’s opening had nothing to do with the relocation plan. Kamin tells Gothamist: "I never felt threatened by it, which I know was baffling, but I didn't really feel anything about it, to be honest....At first I thought, 'Well, at least it's literally across the corner.' People are more inclined to walk across the street to get more groceries." The new Bedford Cheese Shop will have more space and an expanded selection of sandwiches and prepared foods.

— Michael Solmonov, the chef/co-owner of Dizengoff in Chelsea Market and a slew of excellent Philly restaurants, is going to be cooking at Untitled in the MePa tomorrow night (August 2). The chef will be serving hummus with fresh fava beans, a selection of salatim, slow roasted short ribs, and a "smoked sable egg-in-the-whole." The dishes will be available a la carte in addition to the regular menu from Michael Anthony and his crew.

The Robs give three U.G. stars (out of five) to Claus Meyer’s Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central Terminal: "At Meyers Bageri (bakery), you’ll find thin and chewy-crisp flatbreads as good as Sullivan St Bakery’s Roman-style pizza squares, with rye and potato worked into the dough and toppings like asparagus and bacon, or four kinds of alliums and goat cheese. The same stand turns out hot sandwiches that could hold their own against the best of our homegrown heros — especially the intense spice-rubbed lamb belly, garnished with minty mashed peas, pickled greens, and thick yogurt."

A minority investor in clubby East Side Chinese restaurant Philippe just filed for bankruptcy. The filling comes six months after the restaurant was slapped with a wage lawsuit from a crew of former employees. The Post notes that the LA, Miami, and Hamptons locations of the restaurants closed recently.  But a rep for Philippe explains: "Merchants Hospitality, Inc. is the new managing partner of Philippe and brings over 30 years of experience to the restaurant, hotel and luxury hospitality industry and is expanding the Philippe Chow brand globally."

For the first time in its 85-year history, the King Cole Bar now has a single table that guests can reserve. The hitch is that if you want to sit at table 55, you have to promise to spend at least $2,500.

— A new Mediterranean restaurant is coming to the Clinton Street space that previously housed Yunnan Barbecue. Todd Birnbaum, who helped run the S’Mac restaurants, is one of the partners.

Alex Guarnaschelli will be doing a standup set at Guild Hall in East Hampton on August 5.

Although a flower shop moved into the East Fourth Street space that previously housed Mono + Mono, an amended sign in the window indicates that the Korean chicken restaurant is still plotting its return. The restaurant closed three years ago after a fire ripped through the space.

Like many small business owners in Williamsburg, Josh Cohen a co-owner of several neighborhood restaurants including Lilia and Extra Fancy — predicts that business will drop during the 2019 L-train shutdown. Cohen tells Gothamist: "We want to keep everyone, but that's not going to be a reality.....In the downturn of business, it will be layoffs across the board, for sure." Still, the restaurateur says he would’ve opened Lilia even if he’d known about the shutdown. Cohen is also planning two open two new fast casual establishments before 2019, although no word yet on what type of food they will serve or where they will be located.

— A new restaurant called Drunken Dumpling is headed to the First Avenue space near St. Mark’s that was previously home to Le Marécage.

Professional Pokemon Go player Ivy St. Ive threw a Pokemon-themed party at Bushwick bar Father Knows Best on Friday.

There’s an awkward vibe in the dining room at Rao’s now that co-owner Frank Pellegrino is suing partner Ron Staci and his wife over the management of the restaurant’s food line. An unnamed regular tells the Post: "Frankie usually sits in the first chair by the bar, and Ron stands on the far wall, but now, when one shows up, the other leaves."

— And finally, here’s how to make ice cream like Sam Mason of Oddfellows: