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Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn Sputters Out After Two and a Half Years

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The sprawling restaurant quietly stopped serving guests at the end of June

[Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn]
[Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn]
Daniel Krieger

The Brooklyn spinoff of The Grand Central Oyster Bar has permanently closed its doors. The massive restaurant inhabited three storefronts on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. General Manager Michael Slimmer tells Park Slope Stoop: "[T]he corporate office has rightly decided that it is time to move on. I don’t want to say sadly, because it truly isn’t, as myself and my staff have consistently talked about all the wonderful relationships we have made with our neighbors/customers/friends." Slimmer worked at the original in Grand Central Terminal for 10 years before opening the Brooklyn iteration of the restaurant.

Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn lacked the stunning design details of its century-old sibling, and the menu was out of step with the original, with items like goat cheese-stuffed figs and tuna tacos alongside the raw bar items and classic pan roasts. During a Shitshow Week visit in 2014, two Eater editors found friendly service, hit or miss food, and a nearly empty dining room. No word yet on what will happen to this space. Before Grand Central Oyster Bar moved in, this was home to the shortly-lived Park Slope location of Fornino.

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Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn

256 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 347-294-0596