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Chef Cynthia Sestito OUT at Brand New Hamptons Party Spot Cafe De La Musique

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The restaurant sputtered out over the holiday weekend

[Cafe De La Musique]
[Cafe De La Musique]

One of the hottest new restaurants in the Hamptons, Cafe de la Musique, had an internal meltdown over the July 4th weekend, and as a result, service was shut down and reservations were cancelled for Sunday night. Chef Cynthia Sestito says she walked out due to frustrations with the owners. "I did the project because of [partner] Jeffrey Jah, and I was thrown in there, boom,'' sighs Sestito, who owned Web City in Sag Harbor, was the opening chef at the former Once Ocean Road in Bridgehampton and appeared on Top Chef. "I take the kitchen very seriously, but they didn't even trust me enough to give me keys, and one days I was locked out of the walk in. I wish great success to whoever can handle this — not I.''

Jah's partner Frank Cilione says Sestito was actually let go. "We had issues with Cynthia since day one and it got to a breaking point so we had to tell her to pack her bags,'' he maintains. "What she was doing was different from the menu the brand wanted and we didn't give her keys because we had $100,000 of champagne in the same walk-in. She also didn't show up the second weekend because she had an event she was catering, and though she assured us her staff would take care of everything, we weren't pleased about it. And she cursed out someone on the staff who started crying. Every chef is crazy, but she takes it to another level.''

Cilione says they are in talks with another chef and promises that Cafe de la Musique, which only operates on weekends, will be open again Friday. "The room is full and the feeling is sexy. It's like a fun house dinner party. This is an unfortunate hiccup, but things happen for a reason.''

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