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Whole Foods Williamsburg Feeds the Trendbeast With Poke, Roberta’s Pastries, and Smoothie Bowls Up the Wazoo

The organic food Kraken awakes from its slumber

A glistening, highly efficient food dispensary has sprouted in an area that was once considered the heart of artisanal Brooklyn. Say hello to Whole Foods Williamsburg, in which you will find:

— A coffee bar serving smoothie bowls

— A poke counter

— A refrigerator case with ready-made salads and grain bowls

— A bulk flour fill-up station

— A pastry case stocked with Roberta’s baked goods

— A tower of La Croix

— A glass container filled with real live "skilled butchers"

— A subterranean brew pub called N4

The store also has frozen Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie crusts, a yogurt parfait station, a Luke’s Lobster tail cart, a No 7. Veggie counter, and a pizzeria. Oddfellows is also going to operate an ice cream cart outside the store. It’s kind of like a CliffsNotes version of the North Brooklyn food scene, but with poke, and it’s already slammed with people.  Whole Foods first announced plans to open the store at 238 Bedford Avenue way back in spring 2012. It sits just a few doors down from the Apple Store, which is also slated to open this week. Take a look around:

Whole Foods Williamsburg

238 Bedford Avenue , Brooklyn, NY 11249 Visit Website